Payment Options

Mail Payment
Mailing Address

- All States Except California, Arizona, Washington , Nevada 
MarkOne Financial
P.O. BOX 935114

ATLANTA, GA 31193-5114

California, Arizona, Washington , Nevada 
MarkOne Financial
P.O. BOX 844333

LOS ANGELES, CA 90084-4333

 If your payment is due within 5 business days, to insure proper and timely credit, please consider using one of the electronic payment options.


No need to write checks and get them into the mail on time. If using automatic ACH payments, everything can be set up electronically and be fully automated.

Authorize MarkOne Financial to deduct your monthly payment automatically.

Check by Phone

(904) 899-6855 or toll-free at (866) 849-1792
Automated Service (Fee: $2.80 § )
Through MarkOne Customer Service Department (Fee: $4.95 § )

Pay Online
Online Payments

Checking or Savings Account (Fee: $2.80 § )
Credit or Debit Card (Fee: $10.80 § )

Pay Near Me
PayNearMe – Pay using cash at 7-Eleven

Pay cash at 7-Eleven anytime, 24/7. No bank account or credit card needed.
PayNearMe (Fee: $3.99 § )

Find A PayNearMe Location.

ACE Cash
ACE Cash Express – Pay your bill with cash

Pay your MarkOne bill at ACE Cash Express. Have your 9 digit MarkOne account number with you.
ACE Cash Express ( Fee $3.00 § )

Find a ACE Cash Express location near you.


Wal-Mart and other locations (Fee: $9.99 § )
Use Tran Code: 3950
Type: Express Payment

Western Union
Western Union Quick Collect

Western Union locations (Fee: $9.99 § )
Code City: UMC
Code State: FL

 §  The fees charged through each payment method are paid directly to a payment provider.