Frequently Asked Questions

Who is MarkOne Financial?

AnswerIconMarkOne Financial purchases sub-prime and non-prime auto contracts nationwide in Florida, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Arizona and Washington.
Our success is anchored by our determination to deliver excellence in service and quick and consistent funding. We utilize technology to enhance personal interaction without cookie-cutter automated decisioning. Established in 2001, we are headquartered in Jacksonville, FL with offices in Jacksonville and Southern California.

How do I sign up and is there are charge to get started?

There is no charge to get started. All you need to do is fill out an auto fill PDF, print, sign and fax back to us.

How are you different than other lenders?

AnswerIconWe have “Niches” in the marketplace that makes us unique. Our People Buying People® philosophy also eliminates the use of credit scores.  Together, these make us different and allows us to get the tough deals done. If the deal makes sense, You’re good to GO!®

What programs do you offer?

We have programs for all your customers. From Choice One to Last Chance we will cover any credit.

What vehicles do you pay the most for and how do you determine this?

AnswerIconWe use NADA Clean Trade across the board. You can get up to 150% of book on our tier programs and up to 200% on our Last Chance Program.

What are your mileage and age requirements?

AnswerIconWe have many options and programs based on your customer’s profile. If it makes sense, then we are going to find a way to make the deal work. 

What DMS do you work with and is there any Look to Book requirements?

AnswerIconWe work with most DMS programs including Dealertrac, RouteOne, Wilson and Wayne Reaves and AutoManager.

How do I enter applications and how fast do I get a decision?

AnswerIconYou can enter applications 3 ways:
1) Through your DMS program
2) Fax Applications
3) Enter Online.
                    4) RouteOne.
                    5) Dealertrack.
*Our Underwriters are evaluated on how fast they can respond to you. We recognize that quick decisions are critical.

How fast do I get funded?

AnswerIconAt MarkOne we take pride on funding you quickly. Usually within 2 to 3 days as a result of our FTF (FAST TRACK FUNDING) program. This allows you to fax your funding package to us and start the funding process earlier.