Our team knows you’re more than an account # and we focus on positive interaction.

Since 2001, MarkOne Financial has been providing customers with reliable transportation and affordable financing. Our People Buying People Philosophy® is about looking beyond past credit problems.  We’re helping people with new opportunities to move forward or establish credit for the first time – often times because they are denied by other lenders that only look at credit scores.

No Credit ScoresIn fact, credit scores aren’t even used in our programs. Our team of trained and experienced experts evaluate each deal on its own merit. We know every person has a unique life story – you have a story.  And we want to help you finance your next vehicle.

We also want to help customers stay current on existingaccounts with MarkOne Financial.  Our customer service representatives are available and ready to help.  Whether for something as simple as a change of address or helping a customer through a financial set-back, we take pride in our ability to find positive solutions to whatever challenges our customers may face.

These are just a few of many examples of how MarkOne Financial does auto-lending a little differently.  We’re more than just a lender, we’re People Buying People®.